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's name: Amount to be paid: Amount to be refunded: Reason for complaint: Your email address: We will email you confirmation of your claim. You'll receive notification from the claimant in approximately 8 weeks. This message will include additional information about your case.
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Music you have any questions about this stuff please give us a call eight eight eight thousand we×39’re available 24/7we're here to answer your phone Callisto×39’s absolutely free obligations fancy you know staying on top of 18wheelers or ripping up checks or anything like that we're the real dealer×39’re here in the officer single Dayan give us a call we×39’d love to hellogoutsso the first one is diminished value andthat'’s the diminished valuyouruvehiclele after an accident nine times out of ten that vehicles not going to be repaired with dealer parts that×39’going Toto be repaired with aftermarket part sand even if they argue repaired with dealer parts that×39’re stinging Tony be that little red flag with a little black Marion your CARFAX so when you go to trade it in, or you go to sell it to a private individual that×39’going Tony pull that carfoNextxo and that×39’rgoinTonyna see that your car has been in a wreck their×39’s beecertainin amount of damage to it and that there and that it was repaired with either dealer parts or regular partsthere'’s a red flag therThamesan that at there value of your vehicle has decreased so what do you need to do you need to tell the insurance company hey I want Roget a diminished a value report or an evaluation of my vehicle after its repaired you know I get it done after its repaired because obviously that make sense being done before insurance company should provide this, or you can get your own independent report conscious cost you a few hundred dollars the next one is loss of use again thesis going to go for the property damage side of your claim every day that you are out of your vehicle you get to claim loss of use of that and typicallythat'’s about the cost of whawouldlbeebe to rent a car now you got to be careful because insurance companies get special rate whenever they rent a car for you your loss of use you can factor in between fifteen and twenty dollars a day that you were not in your vehicle and you×39’re not in a rentacarsso if it takes an insurance company ten days before they get you into a rental car you need to let the insurance company know that you were without vehicle for ten days and that you wouldlike a loss of use on those 10 days so twenty dollars at ten days it's $200adds up quickly the remainder of this ingoing to be for the bodily injury portion of your claim, and you can handle a lot of this stuff yourself you just have to know exactly what you're asking for loss of enjoyment alive is a factoring that and what that allows you to recover is basically would you want to be sitting in a doctor×39’s office on a specific butt would you rather be living your life doing your favorite hobby reading a book anything other than sitting in doctor×39’s office waiting to be seen driving to a doctor×39’s office sitting in traffic that's what the loss of enjoyment a life factor is about the Andes you can see it can be expanded into a lot of other things, but you want to make sure that...
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